Much to our excitement, we have recently installed a DPE 100 Neutralizer created by Advanced Technology 7. Below is a synopsis of their product and its benefits to the individual, community and the greater Earth and its environs. 

Below is an excerpt from AT7's website.

DPE 100 Technical Scientific Report

The writer is neither a company nor a scientist...but only a man​...

There are two types of men: those who take, exploit and "use" the planet without asking themselves questions based on the consequences that their behavior will generate, and there are "True Men", often not understood by human beings such as the Indians, Aboriginal, and, generally, natives, who have tried to convey the concept of how it is to respect our planet since it is in effect a Living Being that lovingly allows us to live despite what we do.

An irresponsible technology at the service of money and power has created incalculable damages to our Mother Earth and now, mainly as "Men" and then as scientists, we must act to help this Planet to regenerate itself...even because, any case..."She", The Mother Earth will save herself by big and dramatic changes, already begun!!!

The point is...will we be there afterwards?



Our mission is to make the planet flourish again: it has no sense to create a re-balance, in fact this would be based on our memory, we must help the Earth to completely regenerate itself and return to that of hundreds of years ago...Clear Skies and Seas and Clear Lands, full of life, a Sun that shines without burning, and so many we have to refer to an idea that comes before our birth.


All this is possible and we have the technology to do it...but there are priorities to follow...


Like all those who seriously have an innovative technology, the first choice to make is whether to do it for money or...BEING MEN!!


We in Advanced Technology 7 have chosen the second way...for all the children around the world, for the weakest...they will not be able to never have a future.....nor do we....without the Planet.


In the present report we show that the man has cut 80% of the trees that the earth had before and has not bothered to replace them with something that fulfilled the same function. This has created a drastic reduction and rupture of the Magnetosphere and consequently of the Ozone layer with the effects described below.

Science has not yet understood the work done by trees simply because it has not understood how the Earth and in general the gravitational forces work.

We will also give you a hint below about this.

We had to make further efforts and redesign new and more powerful equipment due to evolving of dramatic events: terrible fires in Siberia, Amazonia, Europe and America have created a further weakening of the Earth's Magnetosphere and this is going to trigger a chain effect that we will stop only with your help.....

With the basic version of the DPE 100 we truly have a device able of replacing chlorophyll's photosynthesis of about 100,000 trees.

So it is necessary to install at least 200,000 to get the work of 20,000,000,000 trees and completely restore the Magnetosphere field.

This is a rapid response in a situation of extreme emergency since we only have a few years left to solve the problem.

But we know our limits as human beings and we have to let Nature do what even the best of  technologies can do like She. Today we have 35% less oxygen than we normally need for the life of animals and humans.

With the additional fires that have occurred, this percentage has further increased, which means that the children, the elderly, the weak, all the populations with nutritional deficiencies are the first to have survival difficulties, no one should be left behind....

Humanity has already had similar experiences, such as the one in London on December 5, 1952 when a thick blanket of fog fell over the city due to the saturation of carbon dioxide from the coal production plant causing at least 12,000 deaths of all ages, to which must be added over 100 thousand sick. Despite this, coal has continued to be produced and this type of information has been reduced or hidden.

For this reason we have planned, at a later stage, the idea of creating a foundation that will be called "SAVE MY EARTH" that will be able to donate 10 Paulownia trees for each DPE 100 sold, using a portion of sales income. We have chosen this type of tree due to it is fast growing and with broad leaves and is able to produce three times the amount of oxygen compared to a normal tree. We will explain further details in a small technical sheet.




                                                                                We are the tree kingdom. In days of old, we have

                                                       been called your dryads and naiads (for we support the trees). For we are

                                         in your stories of folklore, but please know that yes, we are very much real, and that yes, 

                            we have been watching you earth ones for such a long time. For before the dark ones came, landing hard

                     on our surface, we communicated with our earth humans quite easily, effortlessly. For we were all one living,

              breathing organism of light, of love, of creation, of hope, of purpose, of the new creation song that was singing its song

        through this sector of our universe. Our heartbeats were one with the humans, and we worked together, sharing energy, 

     sharing light, sharing a common purpose. We trees store memories, like your whale friends store memories within Gaia's deep

 oceanic depths. We trees see. We anchor light  codes, we remember. We recall how things used to be with our human friends and we

delight in the thrill of this return of humanity's remembrance of their purpose and of their union with Source. We speak in the

whispers of the wind through our leaves if you but stop a bit, and rest, and listen. If you tap into our calming deep anchoring into

   Mother Gaia, you too will feel grounded. We are grounding tools, grounding rods bridging the energy of the Mother earth with

     that of Father sky, a bridge of memories. We trees wish to reconnect with our human friends again, for that is our joy and wish as

         we create Nova Gaia together. We trees connect with our 5d counterparts across the rainbow bridge of light. We are bigger

               there, stronger there, but our love for humanity is the same, and this brings us great delight. Perhaps if you,

                       human friends, would like assistance with your personal anchoring to the new reality, you would like to

                                reconnect with us, the dryads (and naiads) of the trees, and be our friends once again. For we are

                                              all a part of the great heartbeat of the Mother. We are all one. We love you

                                                                                          human friends. We are the trees.