DPE 100

Defend Planet Earth 100

The DPE 100 EMF Neutralizer is touted as "an exciting technology which will protect you and your family from extreme EMF interference, including 5G, and your location from extreme weather events, amongst other things."

Although there is due interest in protecting that which is our personal domain, our intent in purchasing a DPE 100 was to further the "amongst other things." In essence, that is promoting healing elements to our evolving planet which has huge implications for the future of humanity.


We received our unit on November 4, 2020 after ordering it online about on Oct 28, about a week later when it was shipped from North Carolina, USA. Here are some pics of the installation process, which entailed in our particular case, a saw-cutting of concrete at its destined well-designed location.




Now, this location was selected because it was ordained for our purposes, which were to create an energy field that would not only accommodate the "personal" benefits of the device (healing chamber setup), but bond the off-world gift to a divine grounding that is light coded.


Advanced Technology 7 is the developer of this beneficent product; to wit from their website:

"Advanced Technology 7 is a brand that represents a team of international scientists and researchers in the development of innovative systems formulated in nanotechnology, plasma technology, quantum, frequencies, Biophotonics, gravitational magnetic fields, torsion, radionics, genetically modified organisms, and so on...AT7 has an agreement with different international scientists specialized in each specific sector that have the opportunity to work in teams, sharing ideas, information and finding solutions that cover the most diverse sectors: environmental, health, energy, transport, agriculture, industrial, and others."

As you can see, the unit is about 4 feet long and about 6 inches in diameter. The base of the cap should be at ground zero which leaves the remaining above ground exposure to about 6 inches.


We backfilled the hole with the original spoils up to about 18 inches of ground zero. We then proceeded to a special portal where our beauty Sparkle just so happened to greet us (see first header pic of deer) in our removal of the scrapings to top off the DPE 100 cavity (see above and below pics).

Some of the achieved objectives for the DPE 100 for our planet:

REGENERATION of the Magnetosphere at the positioning point

REGENERATION of the ozone layer

DRASTIC reduction in earthquake size

DRASTIC reduction in large meteorlogical phenomena such as hurricanes, water bombs, half with oversize ice grains

DRAINING total electromagnetic pollution harmful to humans and animals but not to technological devices.

RESTORATION of the sky and air quality as before the industrial era.

DRASTIC reduction of radioactivity.

Drastic radon gas reduction.

Positioned along the coast it re-harmonizes frequencies that the whales and other aquatics use to navigate and therefore avoiding stranding and/or separation from humanity.

The manufacturer suggests that one install the apparatus on the north side of the dwelling and then pour a small bucket of water down the tube to establish a bond with the earth.

This recommended "north" orientation is based on the alignment to Earth's north magnetic pole. That side of the house also has more moisture because the sun has no drying impact on the soil there; in effect, not impeding the neutralization/harmonization process due to poor grounding/bonding. If one were to install it on a different side, it is then recommended to pour about 1.3 gallons (5 liters) of water into the DPE 100 2 or 3 times throughout the summer.

An additional touted benefit is physical and mental balance. The effective range to capture the healing frequency is about 16.25 feet (5 meters). That is why we placed ours as centrally as possible near the main bedroom and two spare rooms to create a pod that will be used for mending/restoring/invigorating the body. As you can see by the wood framing around the DPE 100, a future project is the construction of an enclosed space (though outdoors) to sit basically right next to it for those with serious health problems. 

Within one week of installation there were substantial decreases in High frequency RF Electromagnetic wave field strength; Low frequency LF Magnetic field measurement; Low frequency ELF Electric field measurement as recorded on the CORNET ED-88TPlus Electrosmog Meter.

We have noticed some very strange mushroom cloud formations over Lake Michigan of which its shores are 1000 feet away. The sunsets have been spectacular and the "gales of November" were congenial and gentle.

As of this writing (12.7.20) the garden is still producing sumptuous lettuce, spinach, broccoli, three varieties of kale, collards and Swiss chard. They are within 40 feet of the DPE 100 (this is at coordinates 43.4100 deg N, 86.3487 deg W; elevation of 614 feet (187 meters).

We hope to spur interest in like-minded "venture stewards" to set up a grid of units that creates coverage locally, regionally and beyond.

We will keep this page updated as we monitor the data.        

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